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Recently I had to pitch to two investors on behalf of another company and both investors said they loved it and gave us an offer. I know I’m still far from an expert, but I hope this shows what a great job Mel did! I would not hesitate to recommend Grow Your Potential and I look forward to working with Mel more in the future.

C R, Company Director

I would absolutely recommend Grow Your Potential coaching. Mel is a fantastic coach and very honest with her feedback. She is straight to the point and always very focused on the end result of a fantastic looking and sounding pitch. If you want an amazing pitch for your business or product, hire Mel - she rocks!

Callum S, Technical Director

I participated at one of Mel's workshops. Her presentation was innovative, and engaging and the content was beneficial. I also had a pitch practice with Mel. I got constructive feedback and help to improve the content and delivery of my pitch. Mel is a great person to work with.

Irina B, Software Developer

I have recently taken part in a workshop run by Mel. It was really well run and organised, as well as being interactive and insightful. Most importantly I believe that if I put what I learnt in to practice it will have really positive effect on my business.

Mike H, Business Owner

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