What People Say

We are extremely proud of the spectacular results we achieve through our workshops and coaching sessions but don’t just take our word for it - here’s what our clients are saying:

victoriaGrow Your Potential coaching was recommended to us and as a result my colleague Laura grew into a confident, articulate and amazing presenter. She gained confidence and was able to pitch at an event with 150+ people in the audience which subsequently lead to Desk Union winning funding of £48,775. Mel was relaxed, understanding and provided practical help; she’s an awesome lady who knows her craft. She’s friendly, approachable and very cost effective. If you have a specific event to speak/ pitch at then this service is priceless. It will give you confidence and teach important techniques to improve your vocal impact and body language.

Victoria A, Company Founder

callumI hadn't previously needed to speak in public before but I realised the need for a good pitch. The content I had was good but the delivery was pretty poor. I recognised the potential was there if I could have some 1 to 1 coaching with an expert.

As a result of coaching sessions with Grow Your Potential I won a pitching competition in front of RBS executive management and I now have the confidence and knowledge that I can give a winning pitch whenever I need to.

I specifically liked the attention to detail during the coaching sessions and the honesty with which it was delivered. Mel completely understands the theatrical element to pitching and speaking. She taught me the importance of the full performance, not just the part where I give the pitch. I gained increased confidence and am much better placed for increased sales and potential investment.

I would absolutely recommend Grow Your Potential coaching. Mel is a fantastic coach and very honest with her feedback. She is straight to the point and always very focused on the end result of a fantastic looking and sounding pitch. If you want an amazing pitch for your business or product, hire Mel - she rocks!

Callum S, Technical Director

irinaI participated at one of Mel's workshops. Her presentation was innovative, and engaging and the content was beneficial. I also had a pitch practice with Mel. I got constructive feedback and help to improve the content and delivery of my pitch. Mel is a great person to work with.

Irina B, Software Developer

mikeI have recently taken part in a workshop run by Mel. It was really well run and organised, as well as being interactive and insightful. Most importantly I believe that if I put what I learnt in to practice it will have really positive effect on my business.

Mike H, Business Owner

owenMel's ability to hone in on the seen and unseen barriers to delivering a successful pitch is incredible. After a short session she was able to pinpoint weaknesses and their causes that I hadn't realised. Her practical solutions were easy to apply and her warm, engaging manner provided the right environment for delivering constructive feedback that felt supportive and encouraging. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend working with Mel whether it's for fine tuning a pitch / presentation or making those first steps into the speaking arena.

Owen O, Business Owner

ian-lOne of the best things I learnt from Mel at Grow Your Potential is to keep my feet still! I also have more confidence in what I'm saying. I've learned through Mel that I need to believe in what I'm saying or the audience won’t. She improves confidence and makes sure you are aware of the "other things" about how you come across. Filming my pitch was really good as I got to see how I look to others. Mel’s awesome!

Ian L, Business Owner

scottMel is a superb communicator that will fast track your presenting skills to the next level. She is confident, has an infectious personality and a very thorough knowledge of how we should present ourselves in contemporary business. We worked with Mel for 1 hour prior to our appearance at the Scottish Edge Finals. My business partner and I both felt that we made excellent progress and came out the session feeling much better about our pitch. I would happily recommend Mel to anybody.

Scott M., Company Director

iainBeing made aware that I can change the world.’ The view of one participant in a Positive Thinking workshop by Mel Sherwood. Mel delivered sessions on Positive Thinking and Public Speaking for our Faith in Women event both of which received the highest ratings possible from those who attended. The overwhelming majority of people commented on feeling more positive and confident after Mel’s session and all expressed the desire to have more time with her. I cannot recommend or thank Mel enough for the hugely enjoyable sessions which managed to have such a positive impact on so many women.

Iain Stewart, General Secretary, Edinburgh Inter-Faith Association

patrickMel has recently delivered two coaching sessions for JCI Edinburgh, one on how to deliver an effective pitch, and another on how to maximise body language, voice and presence when speaking publicly. These sessions were nothing short of excellent; they were packed full of useful insights and tools, and were so much fun that the hours passed before we realised it. We would be delighted to welcome Mel back again.

Patrick H., Director at JCI Edinburgh

rowanI worked with Mel to deliver part of a workshop aimed at entrepreneurs seeking investment. People in this situation are often fixated in the product or service, without considering how to present. With her bubbly personality and engaging manner, Mel very quickly involved participants with some clever interactive tools to get people thinking about the ingredients of a successful pitch. From there, she shared some key tips about how best to present to engage and communicate your message.

The session was very well received, with the participants agreeing that Mel had provided them with excellent tips and ideas. I would highly recommend Mel to coach groups or individuals if they are looking to improve their presentation skills.

Rowan N, Founder at True North Innovation

I continually avoided public speaking for almost 20 years due to lack of confidence, nervousness and feeling outwith my comfort zone. I didn’t realise there were coaches available but then I saw some quality presenters at an event (including Mel) and I realised that with the right coach I could do it too.

As a result of using the Grow Your Potential coaching service I have significantly improved confidence, numerous tips and ideas and a lot less fear of the process. I also have more of a structure to my presentations and recognise the importance of eye contact, stance and what I do with my hands. Mel made it feel natural; I liked her friendly and constructive approach, and she really took the time to understand and listen at the start and throughout.

Recently I had to pitch to two investors on behalf of another company and both investors said they loved it and gave us an offer. I know I’m still far from an expert, but I hope this shows what a great job Mel did! I would not hesitate to recommend Grow Your Potential and I look forward to working with Mel more in the future.

CR, Company Director

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